Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will it take?
    I can often fill small requests within a day or two. However, the turnaround time depends on my availability and current backlog. If you have a critical deadline, please inquire.
  • What will it cost?
    The cost of your project will depend on time spent. Estimates take into account length, legibility, style, and quality of the source text, as well as any special formatting requirements. For a ballpark estimate, I need to know how the translation will be used or who the target readers are, and I need to see representative sample pages. For a binding quote, I need the same information plus a copy of entire text to be translated. You can e-mail it to me as a Word, PDF, or JPEG file. You have up to 20 days to accept a quote.
  • When and how do I pay you?
    For large projects, I sometimes request partial payment in advance, to be negotiated. Otherwise, full payment is due upon delivery of the complete translation or installment and deemed late after 20 days. I accept checks, but if you prefer PayPal, I request coverage of the service fee as well.
  • Do you translate from English to German?
    Yes, but only personal letters and genealogical inquiries, nothing for official use or publication. If you are responding to a letter from Germany, please send a copy of the original letter for reference. This will save time and help ensure accuracy and consistency in the choice of terminology. German etiquette regarding the use of first names, titles, and the pronoun “you” differs from ours, so the original letter enables me to follow your correspondent’s lead.
  • Do you translate entire books?
    I no longer do. Book translation is more time-consuming and costly than most people realize. A summary or excerpts may serve your purposes just as well. If you tell me the names, occupations, and time periods that interest you, I can skim the material and report my findings. The amount of detail depends on your budget. You can always request more later.