Photo Gallery

Photos by Wilhelm Künstle (1906–1995) and his brother Otto Künstle (1910-2008); used with permission of Otto Künstle of Wannweil and Theo Künstle of Tübingen, sons of Wilhelm and Otto respectively. All rights reserved.

The Künstle brothers acquired their first shared equipment — a plate camera and accessories, chemicals and photographic paper — in 1929. They soon became a regular and welcome presence at baptisms, birthday parties, confirmations and weddings, as well as chroniclers of everyday life in their home village of Pfrondorf, now a subdivision of Tübingen. Over decades their hobby resulted in a collection of roughly 1400 glass-plate and film negatives documenting a bygone era. Together the two Ottos, uncle and nephew, undertook the huge task of sorting, printing, and archiving the photos. Many were featured in an exhibit in 2001, and in a calendar in 2008 (produced by Theo) to benefit the renovation of the Pfrondorf church. Two of the photos are on permanent display at the Haus der Geschichte museum in Stuttgart.