I welcome translation projects in these fields:

  • Genealogy
  • History
  • Biography
  • Music
  • Religion, Theology (Judeo-Christian)
  • Travel
  • Health, Fitness, Nutrition
  • Sustainability

What you can expect from me:

  • Completeness, accuracy, attention to detail
    I will render the full meaning of the source text into English, adhering as closely as possible to the style and register of the original unless otherwise instructed. Any unresolved questions will be called to your attention. Additions needed for cross-cultural understanding may be embedded in the text or given in footnotes.
  • Adherence to specifications and delivery dates
    I usually have a backlog, but I make every effort to accommodate special requests and deadlines. I normally do larger jobs in the order received but set aside time each week for working in small, fast-turnaround jobs. Translations are normally delivered via e-mail as Word documents, but I also provide PDFs or hard copy upon request.
  • Confidentiality and professional conduct
    All private documents, files, and other privileged information received from client in the course of a project are deemed confidential and will not be divulged to third parties without authorization. As a life member of the American Translators Association, I subscribe to its Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

What I need from you:

  • A clear description of your project
    Specify in your e-mail or attached cover letter what you would like translated, the intended use or who the intended readers are, any special format requirements, when and how you would like the translation delivered, and how I can reach you if I have questions. It is especially important for me to know up front whether the translation is intended for publication. Terms agreed upon orally should be confirmed in writing.
  • A complete, legible copy of the source text
    Photocopies are acceptable, electronic copies preferred. Do not mail originals; if possible, send copies you don’t need back. For scanned images, 200 dpi JPEG is optimal. Scan in grayscale or color, and do not increase the contrast, which tends to wash out the finer lines. Click on “Actual size” in your viewer to make sure the image is as sharp and at least as large as the original. Use self-explanatory file names, not scanner-generated numbers. Multiple-page documents can be sent as separate JPEG files or combined into a PDF. To submit multiple files (JPEG or PDF) via my contact page, please place them in a single folder, then compress the folder and upload it as a .zip file.

For additional information specific to my specialty areas, please see the links below: